Show Schedule

September 24 - September 27, 2012

  1. Monday, September 24: Episode #308

    • Elizabeth Banks

      Elizabeth Banks stars in "Pitch Perfect" as an off-kilter commentator at an international a capella competition. Boy, talk about being typecast!

    • Jordan Peele

      The very funny Jordan Peele stars in the second season of "Key and Peele," which, we remind you, is a sketch show and not a buddy-cop show about a locksmith and a sentient banana.

    • Animal Collective

      The best thing to come out of Baltimore since crab cakes and John Waters, Animal Collective's new album, Centipede Hz, is out now.

  2. Tuesday, September 25: Episode #309

    • Nathan Fillion

      "Castle" star Nathan Fillion should give lessons on how to be the perfect charming rogue. Step one: be roguishly charming. Step two: repeat step one.

    • Bill Burr

      Bill Burr is our one of all-time favorite guests, but more importantly, he might able to tell us what the heck happened to Huell in "Breaking Bad!"

    • Band of Horses

      Band of Horses have a new album, Mirage Rock. Please note, at no point did the band's line-up include Flicka, Mr. Ed, or Misty of Chincoteague.

  3. Wednesday, September 26: Episode #310

    • Joseph Gordon-Levitt

      The insanely talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosts "HitRECord On TV," a show made up entirely from an online producing collection. It's like a food co-op but with crazy-talented filmmakers instead of kale.

    • Emily Deschanel

      On "Bones," Emily Deschanel plays a socially inept forensic anthropologist who works with dead bodies. As opposed to those laugh-a-minute, life of the party corpse handlers.

    • Jamie Lee

      Jamie Lee was named "Top 5 Comedians Who Should Be Movie Stars." If there's a list of "Top 5 Movie Stars Who Should Be Comedians," George Clooney is #1. He's so charming who cares if he's funny?

  4. Thursday, September 27: Episode #311

    • Jake Gyllenhaal

      Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a young LA police officer in "End of Watch." Jake Gyllenhaal? In a police uniform? TAKE OUR MONEY, MOVIE!

    • Karen Gillan

      We've got a special TARDIS-sized parking spot just for "Doctor Who" star Karen Gillan. It's next to the sign that says "Wibbley-Wobbley Timey-Wimey Parking Only."

    • The Chevin

      The Chevin named themselves after an earthen ridge in their hometown of Leeds. Wow, congrats on making local geology rock & roll, boys! Their new album is Borderland