Show Schedule

October 29 - November 1, 2012

  1. Monday, October 29: Episode #324

    • Krysten Ritter

      Krysten Ritter stars in "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23." We tell our mom that the "B" stands for "Bichon Frise."

    • Blake Griffin

      Just in time for the L.A. Clippers season opener, Blake Griffin is on the cover of NBA2K13, which is an awesome video game and NOT a new CBS crime drama.

    • Bob Mould

      Alt Rock legend Bob Mould has a new album called Beauty & Ruin. We don't have a silly joke here, we just really like Bob Mould.

  2. Tuesday, October 30: Episode #325

    • Katey Sagal

      Katey Sagal plays the badass den mother to a motorcycle club in "Sons of Anarchy." Oddly enough, that's just how Andy Richter describes his job here, too.

    • Hunter Pence

      San Francisco Giants Right Fielder Hunter Pence just won the World Series in an incredible four games. Man...we're STILL working on the same Xbox baseball game from 2 years ago.

    • Tom Nardone

      Extreme pumpkin carver Tom Nardone uses power tools to make his creepy pumpkin creation. Because it's just not Halloween until someone pulls out the chainsaw.

  3. Wednesday, October 31: Episode #326

    • Chelsea Handler

      Chelsea Handler's Uganda Be Kidding Me is our favorite Africa pun book title since Ghana Have A Great Time Tonight.

    • Nat Faxon

      "Ben and Kate" star Nat Faxon won an Oscar this year for "The Descendants." OMG! Do you think he can introduce us to Angelina Jolie's leg??


      NEEDTOBREATHE's new album is The Rivers in the Wasteland. We think it's REALLYGOODANDYOUSHOULDALLLISTENTOIT.

  4. Thursday, November 1: Episode #327

    • John C. Reilly

      John C. Reilly stars in "Check It Out with Steve Brule", one of the weirdest, most absurd shows ever. It's like if David Lynch had a public access comedy show.

    • Casey Wilson

      The incredibly hilarious Casey Wilson stars in "Ass-Backward." Or as the G-rated version is called, "Butt-Reverse."

    • Cory Chisel

      Folkster Cory Chisel hails from Wisconsin, so we're ordering 50 pounds of cheese in preparation, just to be courteous. His new album is Old Believers.