Show Schedule

November 5 - November 8, 2012

  1. Monday, November 5: Episode #328

    • Sarah Silverman

      If there's one comedian who knows the skillful art of cleverly deployed swear words, it's Sarah Silverman. This f-bomb is for you, Sarah!

    • Brian Austin Green

      In "The Wedding Band," Brian Austin Green forms a wedding band with his three close friends. We hope our Basic Cable Band plays "The Funky Chicken" as Brian walks out to keep the theme going.

    • Father John Misty

      Father John Misty's new album is titled Fear Fun which is also the lesson the nuns tried to impart to us in Catholic school.

  2. Tuesday, November 6: Episode #329

    • Mindy Kaling

      In "The Mindy Project," Mindy Kaling stars as a doctor who's unlucky in love. That's probably less dangerous than a lover who's unlucky in doctoring.

    • Willard Wigan

      Willard Wigan paints pictures so small he uses the hair from a fly as a paintbrush. That's awesome; he sees a tool for art and we see EWWWW! Shoo, fly!

    • Barry Rothbart

      The very funny Barry Rothbart was a baby model for Hasbro blocks. Be careful, Barry! We think that's how Lindsay Lohan got started and look what happened to her!

  3. Wednesday, November 7: Episode #330

    • Russell Brand

      We can only assume that Russell Brand's "Brand X" is the only talk show with a budget set aside for bangly bracelets, snakeskin belts and ultra-skinny jeans for the host. Other than Regis' old show, we mean.

    • Dave Attell

      Dave Attell hosts "Comedy Underground," a new 1 AM stand-up series featuring Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Amy Schumer, and more. Definitely worth the extra cup of coffee the next day.

    • Cat Power

      The incredible Cat Power's new electronic album is Sun. If there's anyone that can make electronic music soulful, it's Cat Power.

  4. Thursday, November 8: Episode #331

    • Javier Bardem

      The incredible Javier Bardem plays a wonderfully twisted James Bond villain in "Skyfall." Or as Adele calls it, "Skyfaaaaaaaaallllll!"

    • Lauren Cohan

      Lauren Cohan stars in the very scary "The Walking Dead." We might not recognize her unless we look at her with our fingers partially covering our eyes.

    • Brandi Carlile

      Alt country star Brandi Carlile's new album is Bear Creek. It'd also make a great whiskey name, if Brandi wants to branch out into the booze biz.