Show Schedule

November 12 - November 15, 2012

  1. Monday, November 12: Episode #336

    • Bryan Cranston

      We're afraid to even joke around "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston, lest he take it the wrong way and shoot us in our FACE.

    • Ringling Bros. "Globe of Steel"

      For the first time, the good folks at Ringling Bros. will have EIGHT motorcycles speedily circling around in their Globe of Steel. We'll be watching through our terrified fingers.

    • Walk the Moon

      Walk the Moon has a new self-titled album out now. We should warn them: though our moon on stage looks very sturdy, they probably shouldn't walk on it. Safety first!

  2. Tuesday, November 13: Episode #332

    • Joel McHale

      Joel McHale stars in "Deliver Us From Evil" as a tough, experienced cop. He's armed with both a gun and a withering series of sarcastic insults.

    • James "Bobo" Fay

      "FInding Bigfoot" star James "Bobo" Fey has been hunting the Sasquatch since the early 80s. Makes sense; the 80s had big hair, so why not Bigfoot, too?

    • Samuel Comroe

      Samuel Comroe won his appearance through Ricky Gervais' "Just Sayin'" app. It must be the first app that GETS you a job rather than gets you FIRED from a job.

  3. Wednesday, November 14: Episode #333

    • Kristen Stewart

      "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" is Kristen Stewart's very last movie playing Bella Swan. Farewell, Forks, WA! Stay gloomy and damp forever!

    • Glenn Howerton

      Glenn Howerton's character on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" likes to brag about his Ivy League education. We're quite secure with our two years at DeVry, thank you very much!

    • Lianne La Havas

      Lianne La Havas has a Jamaican mom and a Greek dad. Jerk Souvlaki FTW! Her new album is Is Your Love Big Enough?

  4. Thursday, November 15: Episode #334

    • Kellan Lutz

      Kellan Lutz stars in "Expendables 3." As fans of both big guns and big beefy bros, we're VERY excited for it.

    • Jimmy Pardo

      Our friend the always-hilarious Jimmy Pardo hosts the "Never Not Funny" Podcast, which is on the cutting edge of double-negative technologies.

    • Jeff the Brotherhood

      JEFF the Brotherhood is, in fact, made up of two brothers but neither is named Jeff. Tricky, tricky boys! Their new album is Hypnotic Nights