Show Schedule

November 26 - November 29, 2012

  1. Monday, November 26: Episode #335

    • Kate Walsh

      The lovely Kate Walsh stars in "Private Practice," which not only is a terrific drama but also a wonderful Taye Diggs-delivery system. And we need our weekly Diggs fix.

    • Billy Connolly

      Billy Connolly's bringing his one-man show to Los Angeles. To prepare, Billy's sharpening his Scottish burr until it's keen enough to slice through a kilt full of haggis.

    • Wild Belle

      Brother-sister duo Wild Belle have a new album, Isles, dropping in March. If we were in a sibling band, the record would just be sounds of fighting over a reggae beat.

  2. Tuesday, November 27: Episode #336

    • Mel Brooks

      Mel Brooks pays tribute to the legendary Sid Caesar, the godfather of sketch comedy, and also the man who once dangled Mel out of a hotel room. Don't get any ideas, Andy!

    • Kristen Schaal

      Kristen Schaal plays Tina Belcher on "Bob's Burgers". We've got a bunny hat and a set of locks in her dressing room in case she wants to get into character.

    • Jon Dore

      The hilarious Jon Dore was one of the first comedians we featured on CONAN. We hope he doesn't mind we've been seeing other comedians.

  3. Wednesday, November 28: Episode #337

    • Jessica Biel

      The unspeakably beautiful Jessica Biel stars with Gerard Butler in "Playing For Keeps". Some gals have all the luck.

    • Marc Maron

      Marc Maron stars in "Maron" on IFC. We kinda wish there was an exclamation point at the end to make it seem like a 70s talk show, like "Dinah!"

    • Alice Cooper

      The legendary Alice Cooper gets to back to his scary roots with Welcome 2 My Nightmare. Alice makes hellscapes seem so inviting!

  4. Thursday, November 29: Episode #338

    • Jason Sudeikis

      Our takeaway from the most recent election: 4 more years of Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden on "SNL"!!

    • Dick Van Dyke

      If you want to see the roots of just about every sitcom on TV, check out the brilliant "Dick Van Dyke Show: The Complete Series" out on Blu-ray now.

    • Nas

      He went from rapping "Hate Me Now" to his new album Life is Good. Things are looking up for Nas!