Show Schedule

December 3 - December 6, 2012

  1. Monday, December 3: Episode #339

    • Zachary Quinto

      Zachary Quinto is back as Spock in "Star Trek Into Darkness." We're going to be very calm and cool and OHGODWEARESOEXCITEDWANTITNOWNOWNOWNOW.

    • Sasha Alexander

      Sasha Alexander stars in "Rizzoli & Isles". We hope we can pass her our script for "Ravoli & Styles," a buddy-cop show starring Chef Boyardee & Anna Wintor.

    • Punch Brothers

      Please note, the Punch Brothers are not made up of fighting siblings, but they DO have a mandolin AND a banjo, so: awesome. Their new album is Who's Feeling Young Now?

  2. Tuesday, December 4: Episode #340

    • Amy Poehler

      Amy Poehler's on-screen romance with Adam Scott on "Parks and Recreation" is so cute, it's replaced puppies & kittens as our go-to heartwarming Gif file.

    • Kevin Pollak

      Kevin Pollak is the author of How I Slept My Way to the Middle. We're not positive, but Kevin might not be done sleeping his way to success.

    • Ke$ha

      Party princess Ke$ha's docu-series "My Crazy Beautiful Life" is back. The glitter budget for this season must've been through the roof.

  3. Wednesday, December 5: Episode #341

    • Jim Parsons

      Jim Parson tapes "The Big Bang Theory" right next door to our studio. Nerds aren't the most physical people, though, so we might still have to send a car.

    • Jennifer Carpenter

      We're not sure how similar Jennifer Carpenter is to her character on "Dexter,", but just in case, we should tell her to limit her F-bombs to under 50.

    • Delta Spirit

      Please note, Delta Spirit is an indie-rock band, not a NYC-Atlanta shuttle. Their self-titled album is out now.

  4. Thursday, December 6: Episode #342

    • Ty Burrell

      Noted Salt Lake City bar owner Ty Burrell drops in to tell us about the life of small business owner. What's that? Oh, and we guess he's in something called "Modern Family," too. But we mostly want to hear about Utah zoning issues!

    • W. Kamau Bell

      W. Kamau Bell dissects current events on "Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell." At least Kamau is upfront with his biased disposition. 10 points for honesty!

    • Gaslight Anthem

      The Gaslight Anthem hails from the New Jersey shore. We'll stock their dressing room with funnel cake and firecrackers to make them feel at home. Their album is Handwritten.