Show Schedule

December 10 - December 13, 2012

  1. Monday, December 10: Episode #343

    • Seth MacFarlane

      "Ted" director Seth McFarlane is hosting the Oscars. What's the over-under on Stewie appearing and making fun of Steven Spielberg?

    • Retta

      The awesome Retta from "Parks and Recreation"gave the world "Treat Yo Self" and frankly, that's enough for her to earn the Nobel Peace Prize in our book.

    • Jack White

      Our pal Jack White's new album is Lazaretto, which is an old-time quarantine station for maritime travellers. Jack White: musical genius AND very informative!

  2. Tuesday, December 11: Episode #344

    • Nick Offerman

      Nick Offerman plays Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation” & the pirate Metalbeard in "The Lego Movie." Even in Lego form, Nick has awesome facial hair.

    • Chris O'Dowd

      "This Is 40"star Chris Dowd was born and raised in County Roscommon, Ireland. Maybe he and Conan can swap their favorite boiled meat recipes.

    • Graham Parker & The Rumour

      Graham Parker & the Rumour's new album is Three Chords Good, which sounds like the musical adaptation of Animal Farm.

  3. Wednesday, December 12: Episode #345

    • Michael C. Hall

      Michael C. Hall stars in the astonishing"Kill Your Darlings," detailing the early days of the Beat Poets. It's like "Jim Henson's Ginsburg Babies."

    • Charlyne Yi

      If you think about it, Charlyne Yi is like if an adorable kitty-cat and an awkward shrug had a baby and then launched it into the comedy world.

    • Tommy Johnagin

      The very funny Tommy Johnagin dropped out of college at 21 to do comedy full-time. We hope he sends a copy of his set here to his guidance counselor just to show that it all turned out okay.

  4. Thursday, December 13: Episode #346

    • Armie Hammer

      It almost seems like a sin to take a handsome face like Armie Hammer's and put a mask on it, but "The Lone Ranger." is pretty cool, so we'll allow it.

    • Sheamus

      Though they're both pale-skinned, ginger Irishmen, there are subtle but crucial differences between Sheamus & Conan. Catch "WWE Tribute to the Troops" on Dec. 19 on USA and Dec. 22 on NBC.

    • Ryan Adams

      Ryan Adams has a new song on the "This Is 40" soundtrack & plays himself in the movie. And just like that, Ryan gets one degree closer to Kevin Bacon.