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Show Schedule for December 17 - 20, 2012

December 17 - 20, 2012
  • Monday, December 17: Episode #347

    Adam Pally

    We've decided that Adam Pally is our number one new crush. Sure, he's a hilarious star of "Slow Learners" who's already happily married and we're a disembodied personification of a website, but dammit, we think it could work!

  • Tuesday, December 18: Episode #348

    Chris Pratt

    Whether he's guarding our galaxy or running with his raptor gang in "Jurassic World," one thing is clear. We love Chris Pratt so much, his wife may want to consider taking out a restraining order.

    Anna Torv

    On "Fringe" Anna Torv investigates the weird, the freaky, and the unexplainable. But even she would be horrified by La Bamba's dressing room.

  • Wednesday, December 19: Episode #349

    Aubrey Plaza

    "Ned Rifle" star Aubrey Plaza gives the best sardonic deadpan reaction. We'd love to spend Christmas with her just to see her handle the happiest day of the year.

    Kyle Kinane

    The very funny Kyle Kinane has a new Comedy Central special &​ DVD called "Whiskey Icarus." It's our favorite booze &​ mythology combo since Gin Charybdis.

  • Thursday, December 20: Episode #350

    Paul Rudd

    Paul Rudd stars as the titular tiny hero in "Ant-Man." This is very big Marvel movie, so we can assure you that there's going to absolutely no "Mac &​ Me" hijinks from Paul this time around…

    Rita Wilson

    Rita Wilson has an album of holiday favorites, The Christmas Card. It just wouldn't feel like the yuletide season without a little Christmas crooning.