Show Schedule

January 14 - January 17, 2013

  1. Monday, January 14: Episode #355

    • Christoph Waltz

      Christoph Waltz stars as a smooth-talking German bounty hunter in the incredible "Django Unchained." Conan was THISCLOSE to getting cast in the same role, but no dice.

    • Rob Riggle

      Rob Riggle returns in "22 Jump Street" as our favorite drug dealing high school teacher. Next to Bryan Cranston, of course.

    • Chris Mann

      "The Voice" finalist Chris Mann's new album is Roads We'll see if we can trick out Conan's chair in time for Chris' performance.

  2. Tuesday, January 15: Episode #356

    • Jesse Tyler Ferguson

      There's gonna be two redheads on stage & here's a simple way to tell them apart: One is a Broadway fanatic who can't stop humming showtunes & the other is Jesse Tyler Ferguson from "Modern Family."

    • Teresa Palmer

      The beautiful Teresa Palmer stars in "Warm Bodies" as the love interest of a zombie. We would say it's heart warming, except the zombie is pretty stone-cold dead.

    • Baron Vaughn

      The intensely silly and unrelentingly hilarious Baron Vaughn has a new comedy album out now, Raised by Cable. Stop reading this and buy it now!

  3. Wednesday, January 16: Episode #357

    • Marion Cotillard

      The incredible Marion Cotillard stars in "Rust and Bone." If you need us, we'll be softly singing "La Vie en Rose" outside her dressing room.

    • Jim Jefferies

      "Legit" star Jim Jefferies is a born and raised Australian. Is it offensive if we stock his dressing room with Vegemite & stuffed koalas?

    • Trampled by Turtles

      Minnesota-natives Trampled by Turtles are named after the most ADORABLE way to die. Their new album is Stars and Satellites.

  4. Thursday, January 17: Episode #358

    • Martin Short

      Martin Short has given the world Ed Grimley, Ned Nederlander, & Jiminy Glick. As far as we're concerned, he's as big a hero as Jonas Salk, only with less needles.

    • David Boreanaz

      After "Angel" and "Bones," David Boreanaz must be really used to coming to work and seeing a bunch of corpses.

    • Jake Bugg

      The last time Jake Bugg was on our show, he was just an 18 year-old guitar phenom. Now he's 19, which practically makes him an old hand at this. His new album is Shangri La.