Show Schedule

February 4 - February 7, 2013

  1. Monday, February 4: Episode #367

    • William H. Macy

      William H. Macy stars in "Shameless" as a deadbeat, alcoholic dad who scams and mooches off of everyone he sees. Boy, that takes us back to our childhood...

    • Harland Williams

      Harland Williams stars in "Back in the Day" which gets released in Indiana theaters one week before the rest of the country. NYC & LA, meet the new entertainment capitol of the world, Terre Haute.

    • Vintage Trouble

      Vintage Trouble's album is The Bomb Shelter Sessions. It's a perfect companion album to our new record, The Bay of Pigs Concerto.

  2. Tuesday, February 5: Episode #368

    • Jennifer Lawrence

      Everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence, but wait till you see her gonzo lip-sync to "Live and Let Die" in "American Hustle." Your Lawrence-love will reach stratospheric new heights.

    • Nick Kroll

      Nick Kroll plays a wide range cast of characters in "The Kroll Show." It's like eight guests for the price of one when he's on our couch.

    • Randy Houser

      Randy Houser's new album is How Country Feels. If we had to guess, we'd say country feels like worn gingham and lived-in denim.

  3. Wednesday, February 6: Episode #369

    • Rooney Mara

      After playing a goth hacker in "Girl With A Dragon Tattoo," Rooney Mara plays a Wall Street wife in "Side Effects." We bet she's happy to play a character with eyebrows again.

    • Jeff Ross

      Jeff Ross hosts "The Burn," where he roasts and eviscerates a new target every week. Please God, don't target us, Jeff. We're overly-sensitive and cry with little-to-no provocation!

    • Dirty Projectors

      The Dirty Projector's new album is entitled Swing Lo Magellan. We like a band that can reference both filthy equipment and a Portuguese explorer.

  4. Thursday, February 7: Episode #370

    • Chris Tucker

      Chris Tucker stars in "Silver Linings Playbook," which is a touching drama and NOT the story of a winning football team in a Nevada mining town.

    • Brian Posehn

      Brian Posehn stars in "Immortalized," a show all about the wacky world of taxidermy. How often do you think they hear the old "No lunch for me, I'm stuffed" joke?

    • Darryl Lenox

      Darryl Lenox has a new special, "Blind Ambition," on Starz. If we say it looks great, is that insensitive?