Show Schedule

March 11 - March 14, 2013

  1. Monday, March 11: Episode #386

    • Snoop Dogg

      Whenever Snoop Dogg is here, suddenly our glaucoma clears right up. We have absolutely no idea why, though.

    • Rorke Denver

      Rorke Denver, author of Damn Few trains the men who become Navy SEALS. Maybe we should put a tire course and a concrete wall scale in-between the curtain and the couch.

  2. Tuesday, March 12: Episode #387

    • Zach Braff

      Zach Braff stars in "Oz: The Great and Powerful." as a flying monkey valet. Curse you, Hollywood typecasting, curse you!!

    • Nina Dobrev

      Nina Dobrev's "Vampire Diaries" character recently transformed into a bloodsucker. Plasma must be good for the skin because Nina looks GORGEOUS.

    • Alex Koll

      Alex Koll's new comedy album is called Wizard Hello. It's a companion piece to our new album, Sorcerer, So Long

  3. Wednesday, March 13: Episode #388

    • Halle Berry

      Halle Berry stars as a driven 911 dispatcher in "The Call." We predict a rash of dumb calls to 911 asking to talk to Halle.

    • Ben Hoffman

      In "The Ben Show," Ben Hoffman seeks life advice from strangers on the street. Basically, it's like in-person Yelp.

    • Aimee Mann

      The always-fantastic Aimee Mann's new album is Charmer. Please note it is NOT about the breakfast cereal leprechaun. But if anyone could write about sugary mascots, it'd be Aimee.

  4. Thursday, March 14: Episode #389

    • Steve Carell

      Steve Carrell stars as a washed-up magician in "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone." It's always sad when a down-on-his luck magician has his doves repossessed.

    • Camilla Luddington

      "Grey's Anatomy" actress Camilla Luddington provides the voice for Lara Croft in "Tomb Raider." We hope that Conan doesn't accidentally kill Camilla out of sheer force of habit from the video game.

    • Luke Bryan

      Country star Luke Bryan's new album is Spring Break...Here to Party. Three guesses as to when the best time of the year to listen to it is.