Show Schedule

April 1 - April 4, 2013

  1. Monday, April 1: Episode #393

    • Seth Rogen

      Seth Rogen goes to war with a fratty Zac Efron in "The Neighbors." It's like the Hatfields versus the McCoys, except much funnier and exceedingly more handsome.

    • Earthquake

      The hilarious Earthquake is our first comedian for our Atlanta shows. Because if there's one thing a California show like us knows, it's earthquakes.

  2. Tuesday, April 2: Episode #394

    • Paul Rudd

      Paul Rudd is in Georgia filming "Anchorman 2," so booking him was easy. We just left a trail of "Sex Panther" cologne from his set to our stage.

    • von Grey

      Hometown Atlanta alt-folk band von Grey is made up of four real-life sisters. Think of them like Mumford & Daughters.

  3. Wednesday, April 3: Episode #395

    • Steven Yeun

      Steven Yeun stars in the terrifying "The Walking Dead." We blame that show for making us afraid to go near barns. Or wells. Or anywhere outside, essentially.

    • Darius Rucker

      Darius Rucker shows off his trademark baritone on True Believers, his latest album that drops on May 21st.

  4. Thursday, April 4: Episode #396

    • Charles Barkley

      Basketball legend Charles Barkley is just the man to give us the lowdown for the NCAA Final Four in Dallas. Our first question: any relation to the Fantastic Four? If so, which team is The Thing?

    • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

      Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's new album is The Heist. We'll be wearing all our best hand-me-downs from our grandparents in their honor when they join us in Atlanta.