Show Schedule

April 8 - April 11, 2013

  1. Monday, April 8: Episode #397

    • Adam Sandler

      Adam Sandler re-unites with Drew Barrymore for "Blended." It could literally be 90 minutes of them having a long lunch, and we'll be there first in line.

    • Molly Shannon

      Molly Shannon stars in "Trust Me." Sorry, sorry, that should be: Molly Shannon SUPASTARS ::deep lunge:: in "Trust Me."

    • Nate Bargatze

      The hilarious Nate Bargatze's name is an anagram for "Zebra Ate Tang." Coincidentally, our power animal has always been a zebra gently sipping the astronaut's drink of choice.

  2. Tuesday, April 9: Episode #398

    • Matthew Perry

      We tape mere feet from where "Go On" star Matthew Perry filmed "Friends" on the WB lot. It'll be like a high school reunion only with more laughs and less awkward photos.

    • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

      We know it's just acting, but just in case, we're gonna our tell our sister not to come to set when "Game of Thrones" star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is here.

    • Escondido

      Nashville-based Escondido's new album The Ghost of Escondido was recorded in a single day. To be fair, we bet it was a REALLY exhausting day.

  3. Wednesday, April 10: Episode #399

    • Jeremy Piven

      Jeremy Piven stars as "Mr. Selfridge" who brought American-style shopping to the U.K. Next, we need a biopic on whoever invented double-coupon day.

    • Jeremy Wade

      Biologist, extreme angler and fearless star of "River Monsters," Jeremy Wade encounters the creepiest, crawliest, scariest fresh-water critters out there. We're cringing as we speak.

    • The Three O'Clock

      The legendary paisley underground alt rock band The Three O'Clock have reunited! Thanks a lot, Zoltar Speaks Wishing Machine! Their album is Live at the Old Waldorf

  4. Thursday, April 11: Episode #400

    • Charlie Sheen

      Charlie Sheen stars in "Scary Movie 5." We've been living in a cave in the desert for the last 3 years, has Charlie been up to anything interesting?

    • Tony Hale

      On "Veep," Tony Hale plays the vice-president's body man, supplying mints, gum, and handi-wipes. Basically he's a bathroom vending machine with eyes.

    • Dropkick Murphys

      Our friends the Dropkick Murphys have a new album, Signed and Sealed in Blood, which we think was also the title of a Dora the Explorer DVD.