Show Schedule

May 20 - May 23, 2013

  1. Monday, May 20:

    • Ken Jeong

      Ken Cheong returns in "The Hangover Part III" as the infamous gangster, Mr. Chow. Well, as infamous as you can get and still be named after a fuzzy puffball of a dog.

    • Mary Lynn Rajskub

      Do you think "24" star Mary Lynn Rajskub Do you think she got custody of the "beep-beep-Beep-BEEP!!" from the opening credits? We imagine Kiefer is probably super-tired of it by now.

    • The Black Angels

      Psychedelic rock band The Black Angels' new album is Indigo Meadow. Black, indigo...if they play a triple bill with Green Day, Blues Traveler, & Pink Floyd, it's like a Crayola pack come to life.

  2. Tuesday, May 21:

    • Ed Helms

      In the previous "Hangover" movies, Ed Helms lost a tooth & got a Mike Tyson facial tattoo. For the third movie, our money is on Ed getting a full-on cyborg laser arm.

    • Alice Eve

      The beautiful Alice Eve stars in "Star Trek Into Darkness." possibly as a love interest for Captain Kirk. Or maybe she's Khan? Or a Klingon? We don't know, J.J. Abrams is VERY secretive!

    • The Cast of "Workaholics"

      We love "Workaholics" so much, we booked the whole cast--Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson & Anders Holm. Boy, we're gonna need a really BIG couch.

  3. Wednesday, May 22:

    • Jesse Eisenberg

      Jesse Eisenberg stars in "Now You See Me" as a bank-robbing illusionist. What a blatant misuse of magic; hopefully Harry Potter & the Aurors will see to them.

    • J.J. Abrams

      J.J. Abrams directed "Star Trek Into Darkness" and will be directing the next Star Wars movie. Look for J.J. to take over directing our show about halfway through his interview.

    • 30 Seconds To Mars

      30 Seconds To Mars' new album is called Love Lust Faith + Dreams which coincidentally also happens to be Lady Gaga's grocery list.

  4. Thursday, May 23:

    • Vin Diesel

      Vin Diesel returns to drive really fast again in "Fast & Furious 6." They're so speedy, they oughtta consider selling dramamine next to the popcorn at the concession stand.

    • Steve Schirripa

      Steve Schirripa is reuniting with "Sopranos" pals James Gandolfini and Michael Imperioli on "Nicky Deuce," based on the book that Steve wrote. We hope Carmela is bringing by some prosciut' for the craft service table.

    • The Mowgli’s

      The Mowgli's are a rock-folk band from California. Do you think one of their roadies is named Baloo? Their new album is Love's Not Dead.