Show Schedule

July 8 - July 11, 2013

  1. Monday, July 8:

    • Armie Hammer

      It almost seems like a sin to take a handsome face like Armie Hammer's and put a mask on it, but "The Lone Ranger." is pretty cool, so we'll allow it.

    • Angie Harmon

      In "Rizzoli & Isles", the beautiful Angie Harmon plays a tough-as-nails Boston cop. As opposed to Conan, who is a girly-as-ruffles Boston fop. They'll get along great!

    • Brent Morin

      Sure, Brent Morin stars in NBC's new comedy, "Undateable," but he got his start as a PA here at CONAN. For old time's sake, we're gonna send him on a coffee run in the middle of his set.

  2. Tuesday, July 9:

    • Mary-Louise Parker

      Mary Louise Parker stars in "Red 2" which is both an action movie and a crucial ingredient to M&Ms.

    • Breckin Meyer

      Breckin Meyer is the creator of "Men at Work." Please note, it's the funny sitcom on TBS, not the 80s Australian band. But it does make us hope that there's a kangaroo-based plot line in future episodes.

    • Portugal. The Man

      Portugal. The Man's new album is Evil Friends. If they HAVE to be evil, we guess at least they're your friends.

  3. Wednesday, July 10:

    • Kevin Bacon

      Kevin Bacon stars in "R.I.P.D," about an undead police squad. We're leaving the connection to policemen and Bacon completely untouched, thank you very much.

    • Charlie Hunnam

      Charlie Hunnam stars with Ron Perlman in both "Sons of Anarchy" AND "Pacific Rim." It's a bromance! A terrifyingly manly bromance.

    • Bernhoft

      Our favorite Norwegian musician, Bernhoft, has a new album called Islander. We'll make sure that his dressing room is fully-stocked with lots and lots of lutefisk.

  4. Thursday, July 11:

    • John Malkovich

      Malkovich malkovich malkovich malkovich; malkovich malkovich "Red 2" malkovich.

    • Derek Waters

      Derek Waters' "Drunk History" is coming to Comedy Central. It's the perfect combination of education and booze and possibly also vomiting!

    • Skillet

      Skillet's new album is Rise. They're our favorite kitchen utensil band, right next to Spoon.