Show Schedule

July 15 - July 18, 2013

  1. Monday, July 15:

    • Charlie Day

      Charlie Day stars in "Pacific Rim." as a scientific expert on giant monsters. Which is a natural transition from Green Man, of course.

    • Brittney Griner

      Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner was the #1 pick in the 2013 WNBA draft. We can relate; we were always picked first for dodgeball in school. And by picked, we mean relentlessly pummeled.

    • The Neighbourhood

      The Neighbourhood's new album is called I Love You. Or as the band might spell it, I Louve You.

  2. Tuesday, July 16:

    • Howie Mandel

      Howie Mandel hosts the new hidden camera show,"Deal With It." Howie's got a great record with shows titled "Deal" so we've got a good feeling about it.

    • Professor Brian Cox

      Not only is "Wonders of Life" host Prof. Brian Cox a noted physicist, he was the keyboardist for a Brit-pop band in the 90s. That's like finding out that Stephen Hawking sang back-up for Depeche Mode.

    • Mikal Cronin

      Indie rocker Mikal Cronin's new album is MCII, which is the Roman numeral for 1102. Whoa. We feel like we just cracked the DaVinci Code of music.

  3. Wednesday, July 17:

    • Noah Wyle

      "Falling Skies" star Noah Wylie filmed "ER" in the studio right next to ours. We hope he doesn't perform emergency surgery on La Bamba out of force of habit.

    • Ben Schwartz

      Ben Schwartz stars in "Turbo," along with Ryan Reynolds & Samuel Jackson. So, Green Lantern, Nick Fury & Jean-Ralphio; that's an unstoppable trio.

    • Pretty Lights

      Pretty Lights is joined by Talib Kweli on A Color Map of the Sun. They're essentially the Starsky & Hutch of electronic music.

  4. Thursday, July 18:

    • Jeff Garlin

      Jeff Garlin stars in "The Goldbergs." We're still waiting for Whoopi to show as their long-lost cousin.

    • Olivia Munn

      Olivia Munn stars in Aaron Sorkin's new drama "The Newsroom." We wonder how much stretching she needs to do to limber up for the "walking and talking" scenes?

    • Pete Holmes

      Pete Holmes hosts "The Pete Holmes Show," returning on February 24. It's all part of TBS' grand plan to eventually only feature Boston natives taller than 6'4 on their network.