Show Schedule

July 22 - July 25, 2013

  1. Monday, July 22:

    • Bill Hader

      Bill Hader stars in "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2", or as Vin Diesel calls it, "2 Cloudy 2 Meatballs."

    • Lake Bell

      We're so happy we booked the beautiful Lake Bell from "In A World..." and not her non-union stunt double, Lagoon Gong. She's not nearly as fun.

    • Jimmy Eat World

      Jimmy Eat World's new album is Damage. They're pretty much the best things from Arizona since Frank Lloyd Wright and Stevie Nicks.

  2. Tuesday, July 23:

    • Aubrey Plaza

      We don't know what makes us more jealous of Aubrey Plaza: her awesome, sardonic sense of humor, or the fact that she gets to kiss Chris Pratt on "Parks and Recreation."

    • Kumail Nanjiani

      Kumail Nanjiani stars in Mike Judge's new HBO show, "Silicon Valley," about the early, crazy days of 80s tech companies. Literally everything about that sentence makes us want to watch.

    • The 1975

      The 1975's album is IV. That's a lot of numbers for one band; we weren't ready to mix math and music.

  3. Wednesday, July 24:

    • Aaron Paul

      Aaron Paul did his own driving for "Need for Speed." We hope he wasn't as method for "Breaking Bad."

    • Nick Frost

      After taking on zombie movies in "Shaun of the Dead," & action movies in "Hot Fuzz," Nick Frost battles the apocalypse in "The World's End." Our money is on Nick vs. Robot Dinosaurs in his next movie.

    • Bastille

      British band Bastille's brand new album is All This Bad Blood. We think it's great and not just because we love alliteration.

  4. Thursday, July 25:

    • Steven Ho

      Our friend Stuntman Steven Ho is an expert ass-kicker and usually the ass that gets kicked belongs to Conan.

    • Peter Sarsgaard

      Peter Sarsgaard goes from starring in Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine" to playing a murderer on "The Killing." If you watch them simultaneously, Peter chops people up to the tune of "Rhapsody In Blue."

    • Dwayne Perkins

      Dwayne Perkins's new book, Hot Chocolate For The Mind is out now on Amazon. Look for our book, Tepid Latte For The Sinuses at garage sales everywhere.