Show Schedule

September 16 - September 19, 2013

  1. Monday, September 16:

    • Zooey Deschanel

      Scientists have determined that the only thing cuter than Zooey Deschanel on "New Girl" is a baby panda on a boat of gumdrops. And that gets old after like five minutes. Advantage: Deschanel!

    • Kirk Fox

      Kirk Fox hosts "The Test" which uses lie detector and DNA tests to settle relationship disputes. Those are some hard to tests to cram for.

    • Jason Isbell

      Jason Isbell's new album is Southeastern. He's the best thing to come out of Alabama since buttermilk pie.

  2. Tuesday, September 17:

    • Diane Kruger

      Diane Kruger stars as an El Paso detective in "The Bridge." If all law enforcement officials were as beautiful as Diane, we bet there'd be a lot more jockeying to get arrested.

    • Stephen Rannazzisi

      Stephen Rannazzisi plays Kevin the Commissioner on "The League." We imagine it's a lot like being Commissioner Gordon, except with less batsignal and more snacks.

    • Atlas Genius

      Atlas Genius' new album is When it Was Now. Catch them on a double-bill with Thesaurus Moron.

  3. Wednesday, September 18:

    • Seth Green

      Seth Green is the creator of "Robot Chicken," the best thing to happen to old 80s action figures since eBay.

    • Lizzy Caplan

      The lovely Lizzy Caplan stars as sexologist Virginia Johnson in "Masters of Sex." We're sorry; all this talk of Lizzy and sex is making us light-headed.

    • Sammy Obeid

      Sammy Obeid holds the record for most consecutive nights performing stand-up & he'll hit 1,000 nights in a row the day after he's on CONAN. It's ok if you wear a surgical mask, Sammy. Safety first!

  4. Thursday, September 19:

    • Louis C.K.

      His show is called "Louie", his first sitcom was called "Lucky Louie," so by this calculus, expect Louis C.K. to release his new fragrance "Louis!" any second now.

    • Thompson Square

      Country music duo Thompson Square are also husband & wife. If our parents were a music duo, they'd be called "Silently Judging You." Thompson Square's album is Just Feels Good.