Show Schedule

September 30 - October 3, 2013

  1. Monday, September 30:

    • Demi Lovato

      Demi Lovato returns as a judge on "The X Factor" alongside Simon Cowell. We hope Demi is getting hazardous duty pay.

    • JB Smoove

      J.B. Smoove stars in "The Millers" which, we must inform you, is NOT about a cheery family of breadmakers NOR bottles of beer that can talk and move.

    • Moby

      In honor of Moby, we're making sure his dressing room is packed with vegan tea and glasses wipes. His new album is Innocent.

  2. Tuesday, October 1:

    • Adam Scott

      Adam Scott stars in "A.C.O.D." which stands for Adult Children of Divorce. Sorry to any fans of the popular web series Action Chicken of Detroit; no movie for you just yet.

    • Hannah Simone

      Hannah Simone plays Cece Parekh on "New Girl". We bet that crossword puzzle creators love her even more than Axl Rose or jodhpurs.

    • Jake Bugg

      The last time Jake Bugg was on our show, he was just an 18 year-old guitar phenom. Now he's 19, which practically makes him an old hand at this. His new album is Shangri La.

  3. Wednesday, October 2:

    • CeeLo Green

      To make CeeLo Green feel more at home, we're gonna retrofit his, Andy's and Conan's chair so they swivel around like on "The Voice." It'll be the most dramatic throw to commercial EVER.

    • Stephen Merchant

      Stephen Merchant stars in "Hello Ladies," which is coincidentally how LaBamba likes to greet Conan and Andy every morning.

    • Goodie Mob

      Cee Lo reunites with Goodie Mob on Age Against The Machine. We give immediate thumbs-up to any pun-based reunion titles.

  4. Thursday, October 3:

    • Jerry O'Connell

      Jerry O'Connell stars in "We Are Men"as a recently divorced man who bonds with other divorcees in his apartment complex. It's like "Melrose Place" with more Propecia.

    • Lauren Cohan

      Lauren Cohan stars in the very scary "The Walking Dead." We might not recognize her unless we look at her with our fingers partially covering our eyes.

    • Erin Foley

      Erin Foley made her TV debut with us last time. We're thrilled that she's come back, despite La Bamba's very messy "first-timers" hazing ritual. Fortunately, buttermilk washes right out.