Show Schedule

October 21 - October 24, 2013

  1. Monday, October 21:

    • Ethan Hawke

      Ethan Hawke stars in the incredible new movie "Boyhood." For the love of God, go see it! It's the best movie of the year.

    • Pete Holmes

      Pete Holmes hosts "The Pete Holmes Show," returning on February 24. It's all part of TBS' grand plan to eventually only feature Boston natives taller than 6'4 on their network.

    • Tedeschi Trucks Band

      Tedeschi Trucks Band's new album is Made Up Mind. Appropriately enough, we've already decided we love it.

  2. Tuesday, October 22:

    • Michael C. Hall

      Michael C. Hall stars in the astonishing"Kill Your Darlings," detailing the early days of the Beat Poets. It's like "Jim Henson's Ginsburg Babies."

    • Jeb Corliss

      Jeb Corliss is a fearless Wingsuit Pilot and all-around daredevil but even he can have a close call with disaster. We're almost too scared to hear how he cheated death this time.

    • Sam Simmons

      Sam Simmons is a born and raised Australian. We're going to steer away from the obvious Vegemite joke and instead ask if he's close, personal friends with Hugh Jackman.

  3. Wednesday, October 23:

    • Anna Faris

      Anna Faris stars in "Mom." Pair it with Seth Green's "Dads" and then finish off with a showing of "Girls" for a real nuclear family night.

    • Jackson Nicoll

      9 year old Jackson Nicoll plays Johnny Knoxville's grandson in "Jackass Presents: Bad Grampa." We should all be so lucky to have Johnny as a grandfather.

    • Okkervil River

      Okkervil River take their name from a Russian short story. Just wait till you hear our Anna Karenina Dubstep band! Okkervil River's new album is The Silver Gymnasium.

  4. Thursday, October 24:

    • Megan Mullally

      Megan Mullally is what we call in the biz a quadruple threat-she sings, dances, acts, and is married to Nick Offerman.

    • Adam DeVine

      You know what they say about Adam Devine¹s new show: Ain't no party like an Adam Devine House Party, because an Adam Devine House Party premieres on Comedy Central this fall (Nobody actually says this).

    • Lindsey Stirling

      Violin whiz Lindsey Stirling first made a big splash on YouTube. Seeing her on our show is gonna be another punch to the gut for the Chocolate Rain guys. Lindsey's self-titled album is out now.