Show Schedule

October 28 - October 31, 2013

  1. Monday, October 28:

    • Steven Wright

      Steven Wright is the master of deadpan comedy. In fact, you probably just heard that sentence in his deadpan voice.

  2. Tuesday, October 29:

    • Queen Latifah

      Queen Latifah has very own talk show now called "The Queen Latifah Show." Fun fact: Conan nearly chose that exact same title for THIS show until the lawyers made him change it.

    • Asa Butterfield

      Asa Butterfield stars in "Ender's Game." Asa Butterfield should get together with Benedict Cumberbatch to have an Awesome British Name-Off.

  3. Wednesday, October 30:

    • Johnny Knoxville

      Johnny Knoxville had to don 3 hours worth of makeup to play an 87 year-old in "Jackass Presents: Bad Grampa" which must be the only time in Hollywood that an actor wanted to look older than his actual age.

    • Casey Wilson

      The incredibly hilarious Casey Wilson stars in "Ass-Backward." Or as the G-rated version is called, "Butt-Reverse."

    • Queens of the Stone Age

      Queens of the Stone Age have released their first album in six years, ...Like Clockwork. Ironically, it's been a long time to wait.

  4. Thursday, October 31:

    • Rachel McAdams

      Rachel McAdams stars in the sci-fi romantic comedy "About Time." We think rom-coms could use more sci-fi awesomeness. Just imagine Reese Witherspoon finding true space!

    • Norman Reedus

      "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus is a fan favorite, especially among women. He's the romantic crossbow-toting hillbilly who's stolen America's heart!