Show Schedule

December 16 - December 19, 2013

  1. Monday, December 16:

    • Jesse Tyler Ferguson

      There's gonna be two redheads on stage & here's a simple way to tell them apart: One is a Broadway fanatic who can't stop humming showtunes & the other is Jesse Tyler Ferguson from "Modern Family."

    • Barkhad Abdi

      "Captain Phillips" is the very first movie role for Barkhad Abdi and he's already been nominated for a SAG Award & a Golden Globe. us crazy, but we think he might have a future in movies.

    • Tom Papa

      You know, If Papa John's hasn't signed on as a sponsor to the very funny Tom Papa, it just feels like they missed a major branding opportunity.

  2. Tuesday, December 17:

    • Tom Hanks

      Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney in "Saving Mr. Banks" Tom Hanks playing Walt Disney is like the human equivalent of putting peanut butter in chocolate: WIN-WIN.

    • The Head and the Heart

      The Head and the Heart's new album is Let's Be Still, which is also the game our babysitter would beg for us to play.

  3. Wednesday, December 18:

    • Jennifer Lawrence

      Everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence, but wait till you see her gonzo lip-sync to "Live and Let Die" in "American Hustle." Your Lawrence-love will reach stratospheric new heights.

    • Bob Odenkirk

      Bob Odenkirk plays a Montana anchorman in "Nebraska." Think of it like Big Sky Burgundy, only with more pathos and less trident fights.

    • Bad Religion

      Legendary punk rockers Bad Religion have released their first holiday album, Christmas Songs. You've never really heard "O Come All Ye Faithful" until you've heard it from the singers of "Los Angeles is Burning."

  4. Thursday, December 19:

    • Christina Applegate

      Christina Applegate returns as Veronica Corningstone in "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues." As Ron Burgundy would say, she's the smelly pirate hooker of our hearts.

    • Skylar Astin

      "Ground Floor" star Skylar Astin got his big break in "Spring Awakening" on Broadway. We fully support more jazz hands in sitcoms, so we're thrilled Skylar made the transition.

    • Young the Giant

      Morrissey called Young the Giant one of his favorite new bands. Getting a rave from Morrissey must be like getting a smile from Grumpy Cat. Young the Giant's forthcoming new album is Mind over Matter.