Show Schedule

January 20 - January 23, 2014

  1. Monday, January 20:

    • The Cast of "Workaholics"

      We love "Workaholics" so much, we booked the whole cast--Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson & Anders Holm. Boy, we're gonna need a really BIG couch.

    • Gabrielle Union

      Gabrielle Union stars in "Being Mary Jane" . We hope she notes how cold it is in the studio just so we can say, "Must be some Toros in the atmosphere!" Our dreams are small but manageable.

  2. Tuesday, January 21:

    • Kristen Bell

      Kristen Bell stars in "House of Lies,". We're still waiting for that crucial "House of Lies"/"International House of Pancakes" cross-over episode for sweeps.

    • Alana Nichols

      Alana Nichols is the first American woman to win gold in both the Summer AND Winter Paralympics. We'd call her a Golden Girl, but Betty White is notoriously litigious.

    • Sarah Jarosz

      Sarah Jarosz was nominated for a Grammy when she was just 19 years old. When we were that age we were busy perfecting our keg stand skills. Sarah's new album is entitled Build Me Up From Bones.

  3. Wednesday, January 22:

    • Matt LeBlanc

      Matt LeBlanc stars as "Matt LeBlanc" in "Episodes". It's the role he was born to play! No, we mean literally.

    • Impractical Jokers

      We booked the whole cast of "Impractical Jokers"- Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, Brian Quinn & James Murray. We've already warned everyone in the green room to be very, very careful.

    • Trombone Shorty

      Say That to Say This is the new album from trombone and trumpet whiz Trombone Shorty. Poor LaBamba is going to be heartbroken when he finds out that his rap name has already been taken.

  4. Thursday, January 23:

    • Ice Cube

      Ice Cube returns as Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill's undercover boss in "22 Jump Street" Sorry, we just typed "Channing Tatum" & "under covers" & got distracted. What were we talking about?

    • Wayne Gretzky

      Wayne Gretzky is a Hockey Hall of Famer, NHL's all-time leading scorer, & a former captain of the L.A. Kings. It'll be cool to see The Great One next to The Pale One.

    • Chris Fairbanks

      We're going to take a stand and declare that Chris Fairbanks is the best stand-up/artist/skateboarder that we've ever had on the show. Better luck next time, Dame Judi Dench!