Show Schedule

January 27 - January 30, 2014

  1. Monday, January 27:

    • Bill Hader

      Bill Hader stars in "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2", or as Vin Diesel calls it, "2 Cloudy 2 Meatballs."

    • Breckin Meyer

      Breckin Meyer is the creator of "Men at Work." Please note, it's the funny sitcom on TBS, not the 80s Australian band. But it does make us hope that there's a kangaroo-based plot line in future episodes.

    • The Strypes

      The Strypes are a four-piece R&B band from Ireland. Or as the Strypes prefer to spell it, "Yreland." Their album is Snapshot.

  2. Tuesday, January 28:

    • Greg Kinnear

      Greg Kinnear stars as a self-destructive lawyer in "Rake." That's rake as in, "charming ne'er-do-well" not "gardening tool for leaves."

    • Anna Kendrick

      Anna Kendrick's song "Cups" from "Pitch Perfect" is still charting on Billboard. It's our favorite use of a drink container as a percussive instrument since Lil Wayne hit his goblet against the mic accidentally.

    • Jimmy Vivino & The Black Italians

      Our own Basic Cable bandleader, Jimmy Vivino, is here with his other great band, Jimmy Vivino & The Black Italians. Their album is 13 Live.

  3. Wednesday, January 29:

    • Don Cheadle

      Don Cheadle stars in "House of Lies", which is stylized in the credits as "Hou$e of Lie$." We can't believe there hasn't been a Ke$ha cameo yet.

    • Josh Hopkins

      Josh Hopkins plays Courtney Cox's new husband on "Cougar Town." Shh...don't tell Chandler; he'll be heartbroken.

    • Hard Working Americans

      Hard Working Americans self-titled debut album is out now. They're much better than their opening act, Extremely Lazy Canadians.

  4. Thursday, January 30:

    • General Ray Odierno

      General Odierno is spearheading the Soldier For Life program that reintegrates veterans into civilian life. Check it out and see how you can help a veteran today.

    • Bill Burr

      Bill Burr is our one of all-time favorite guests, but more importantly, he might able to tell us what the heck happened to Huell in "Breaking Bad!"