Show Schedule

February 10 - February 13, 2014

  1. Monday, February 10:

    • Martin Scorsese

      "The Wolf of Wall Street" is legendary director Martin Scorsese's latest movie. We're so excited that he's here, we could burst, like a head in a vise.

    • Vanessa Bayer

      Miley Cyrus is one of Vanessa Bayer's many characters from "Saturday Night Live." Vanessa can do Miley from both her pre- and post-twerk phase.

    • Rock Candy Funk Party

      When he's not playing with the Basic Cable Band, Mike Merrit is a charter member of Rock Candy Funk Party. Their album, We Want Groove, is available now & their live DVD is available Feb. 25.

  2. Tuesday, February 11:

    • Aubrey Plaza

      We don't know what makes us more jealous of Aubrey Plaza: her awesome, sardonic sense of humor, or the fact that she gets to kiss Chris Pratt on "Parks and Recreation."

    • Joel Kinnaman

      Joel Kinnaman plays "Robocop" in the brand new reboot. Sorry, LaBamba; I'm sure it was a close decision for the director to choose between you and Joel.

    • Toni Braxton & Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds

      Toni Braxton & Babyface's new album is Love, Marriage & Divorce. If it was Larry King's album it'd be called Love, Marriage & Divorce & Marriage & Divorce & Marriage & Divorce & Marriage & Divorce.

  3. Wednesday, February 12:

    • Larry King

      Host of "Larry King Now," Larry King got his start as a radio journalist in the 1950s. What a coincidence! So did Conan!

    • Cristin Milioti

      Cristin Milioti stars in both "How I Met Your Mother" & "The Wolf of Wall Street" If there was a mashup, they could call it "How I Met Your Motherf***er."

    • Jhene Aiko

      Jhene Aiko is both a fantastic R&B singer AND great crossword puzzle answer. Her album is Sail Out.

  4. Thursday, February 13:

    • Tom Arnold

      Tom Arnold hosts "My Big Redneck Family." Look for Conan's version, "My Big Ghostly White Family" soon!

    • Dr. Jennifer Berman

      Sex expert & "The Doctors" co-host Jennifer Berman is ready to give Conan some sexual health advice just in time for Valentine's Day. Our notepads are at the ready.

    • Ron Funches

      Ron Funches stars in the new NBC series, "Undateable." Surprisingly, it's not a documentary about our lovelife in high school. And college. And now.