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July 14 - July 17, 2014

  1. Monday, July 14:

    Full Episode - Mon. 7/14 - Jason Biggs, Omar Gonzalez, And Ellie Kemper
    • Jason Biggs

      Jason Biggs stars in "Orange is the New Black." Pshaw. Conan's been making orange the hot color for years now.

    • Omar Gonzalez

      USMNT and LA Galaxy defender Omar Gonzalez just got back from the World Cup in Brazil. It's always been a gooooooooooooaaaaaalllllll of ours to meet a World Cup player.

    • Ellie Kemper

      "Sex Tape" star Ellie Kemper used to be an intern here on CONAN. So, clearly, if you intern on CONAN, you get on a Sex Tape. Wait, what?

  2. Tuesday, July 15:

    Full Episode - Tues. 7/15 - Michael Sheen, Joe Manganiello, And Musical Guest Marsha Ambrosius
    • Michael Sheen

      Michael Sheen stars in the Showtime series "Masters of Sex." Boy, Conan is going to be bummed that they're using the same title he was gonna use for his memoirs.

    • Joe Manganiello

      Joe Manganiello stars in "True Blood," a show filled with sexy vampires, sexy werewolves, & sexy fairies. No mummies yet, but we imagine they'll probably be sexy mummies.

    • Marsha Ambrosius

      Marsha Ambrosius is our favorite soul singer that could also possibly be a Roman emperor. Her new album is Friends & Lovers.

  3. Wednesday, July 16:

    Full Episode - Weds. 7/16 - Michael Strahan, Famke Janssen, And Comedian Mark Normand
    • Michael Strahan

      Michael Strahan hosts the "Kids Choice Sports Awards." If you thought Michael towered over Kelly Ripa, wait to you see how tall he is next to some kids.

    • Famke Janssen

      Famke Janssen has gone from mutants in "X-Men," to werewolves in "Hemlock Grove." She just needs to do an alien movie to make it a Comic-Con hat trick.

    • Mark Normand

      Mark Normand was born and raised in New Orleans. We'll see if we can pay him for his set entirely in beads and crawfish.

  4. Thursday, July 17:

    Full Episode - Thurs. 7/17 - Jason Segel & Cameron Diaz, Matt Walsh, And Comedian "Weird" Al Yankovic
    • Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz

      Jason Segel & Cameron Diaz star in "Sex Tape" Well, there is literally nothing more that we need to say, is there?

    • Matt Walsh

      Matt Walsh goes from dirty "Veep" politics to giant killer tornadoes in "Into the Storm." They're both pretty lethal when you think about it.

    • "Weird Al" Yankovic

      "Weird" Al Yankovic's latest album is Mandatory Fun. Al knows that the best kind of fun is the kind that is required by law.