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CONAN tapes at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California [MAP]. Want to see the show live? Of course you do! Here’s how to score free tickets:

Due to high demand, ticket requests are handled via online form. To submit your request, click the month and day you are interested in attending on the calendar below. If tickets are available, fill out the ticket request form. You can only request one date, so please make sure the date available works for you and your guests!

If you are issued free tickets, you will receive a ticket confirmation via e-mail, followed by a phone call from a member of our audience department 1-4 weeks prior to the taping date you have requested.

Conan In Dallas: You heard right, Pardners -- from March 31st through April 3rd, 2014, CONAN is saddling up for live shows at Dallas' Majestic Theater in advance of the NCAA Final Four®. Guests and programming highlights will be announced soon. To attend a CONAN Dallas show in person, Request FREE TICKETS.

Please Note:
  1. Submitting a request does not confirm your ticket(s) until a show representative contacts you.
  2. The ticket holder must be present with valid ID matching the name on the confirmation e-mail to claim the tickets on the day of taping. No exceptions.
  3. All members of your party must be at least 16 years of age with photo ID showing date of birth.
  4. If you or anyone in your party is handicapped, please let us know when we contact you about tickets.
  5. Show times and dates are subject to change at any time.
  6. "Conan" does not reimburse travel expenses due to show cancellations.
  7. Tickets have no cash value, are non-transferable, and may not be auctioned or sold without the show's permission.
  8. If you have questions that are not addressed on this page, or have lost your confirmation e-mail, you may contact us at

Thanks for wanting to be a part of the show and good luck! Pick your dates.

Standby Tickets

Didn't get chosen, but still dying to see "Conan" live? A limited number of Standby Tickets are made available on the day of each taping. If you are visiting the Los Angeles area, or have submitted online and have not heard back regarding your request, you are invited to try your luck at Standby Tickets. These tickets are not guaranteed, but they're a pretty good shot!

For Standby Tickets, come to the 2nd floor of the Gate 8 Warner Brothers parking structure* (6564 Forest Lawn Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068 [MAP]) at 10am on the morning of the taping you'd like to attend. A member of our staff will distribute tickets at 10am and give you a time to return by to see if you'll be getting into the show. Tickets are numbered to hold your place in line. Limit two per person.

*PLEASE NOTE: Parking is unavailable in the Warner Bros. Forest Lawn parking structure before 11am. Please use street parking along Forest Lawn Drive. Standby Tickets will be distributed on the 2nd floor of the parking structure across from the Visitor’s Center. The audience queue area for "Conan" is located on the 1st floor. Please return to the 1st floor in the afternoon to check back in with our staff.

Conan Show Tickets - Request Tickets Online

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  • (We can not accommodate anyone under the age of 16 with the online registration form)