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Please state your name for the record:
Jim Hanke. And yes, pronounced just like "Mr. Hankey" from South Park. Congrats on putting that together, as every other person I've met since 1997 has done.
What’s your hometown?
Milwaukee, WI (Currently Batavia, IL)
Relationship Status?
Married! Can you believe it? Someone else ACTUALLY WANTED this last name?
URL (Website or Social)
What’s your favorite snack?
Hummus, because it's not only tasty, but it takes the least amount of energy to say.
What was the last good movie you saw?
The original "Carrie." John Travolta was far meaner in that movie than "Pulp Fiction."
What’s your favorite album of all time?
This changes hour by hour. Currently, Aretha Franklin's "Amazing Grace," recorded live in 1972. Members of the Rolling Stones were in the AUDIENCE, not backstage. That's how good it is.
How long have you been Team Coco? What’s your earliest Conan memory?
I remember the Late Night show coming on in 1993, and being ecstatic that something so hilarious and out-there was on. My dad raised me on Monty Python, and I always have felt that you can't have absurdity without authority, so the fact that Conan has always tried to hold it together amongst the chaos, characters and mistakes, has made the show for me.
Do you have a favorite Conan moment?
In 1998, I got to interview Conan over the phone for my college newspaper at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The day it happened, our fax machine in the office kept ringing and then hanging up multiple times. Finally, the office line rings, and it's Conan. He asks how I am and immediately apologizes, as he was talking with the fax machine for the last 15 minutes. Two things I'll never forget from this chat: I made him laugh with some quip that I completely forget now, and despite being told by NBC that I only had 30 minutes, he stayed on with me for 90. I'll never know if he blew off a meeting to do so, or if he just truly enjoyed the conversation, but it meant the world to me at 19 years old. And I still have the article! See photo.
How do you spend a typical day?
I work at Cubicle Ninjas, a design and development firm outside of Chicago. I also do PR part-time for area bands, and hang out with my wife and dog, Henry.
What’s the one thing you would never ever do; not for a million dollars or all the chocolate in the world?
Make-out with a clown. Hell, SHAKING HANDS with a clown is pretty much out, too.
What would you like to see more of from Team Coco?
Would love to see Conan and/or Andy do more remotes, please! I know it's not like the ol' NBC days (where our red-headed hero had more anonymity), but watching Conan meet total strangers and attempt to do their jobs has always been my favorite part of any show.
Anything else important about you that the world should know?
I have three spleens. For real. RT for your chance to win one!

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