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Please state your name for the record:
Samantha Curry
What’s your hometown?
Lodi, NJ
Relationship Status?
all alone
URL (Website or Social)
What’s your favorite snack?
HUMMUS! Wait, no. I take that back. Popcorn. Definitely popcorn.
What was the last good movie you saw?
I watched Ghostbusters 2 for the 478th time about a week ago. So yeah, Ghostbusters 2.
What’s your favorite album of all time?
NSYNC's self-titled album is the only album that matters.
How long have you been Team Coco? What’s your earliest Conan memory?
I've been a Conan fan since 2007. Way before I ever had a DVR. That is true dedication.
Do you have a favorite Conan moment?
I absolutely love any time Conan and Jordan Schlansky get together. Or maybe when Quackers ate his own poo. Or maybe when Conan, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart got into a fist fight. Or maybe any interview with Jeff Goldblum. This is hard. Don't make me answer this.
How do you spend a typical day?
Waking up. Checking Instagram. Taking Vitamin D. Going to my internship at the Upright Citizen's Brigade. Eating a gluten-free burrito. Going to my night class. Getting home. Watching Conan. Typical.
What’s the one thing you would never ever do; not for a million dollars or all the chocolate in the world?
I would never ever lick the floor of a NYC subway car. However, I would maybe lick the floor of a London subway car. Maybe.
What would you like to see more of from Team Coco?
I would like to see more of the phrase, "Keep cool, my babies."
Anything else important about you that the world should know?
I once met Conan completely by chance while he was in NY for Conan NYC, showed him my tattoo I have of his hair, and then cried on him for a good 45 seconds. It was the greatest moment of my life.

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