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  1. Author Michael Lewis — Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O'Brien

    Conan has an in-depth discussion with acclaimed author Michael Lewis.

  2. Scraps: Giant Hamster Eating Regular-Sized Burrito

    TIny hamster eating a tiny burrito? Pfft. That's so last week...

  3. Scraps - Bill Burr Learns What "Crashing Out" Means

    Bill is no showbiz newbie, but even he gets tense from this new term.

  4. Scraps: GoPro Hijinks

    Andy puts a GoPro on his hoagie and a comedy bit suddenly turns into a stag film.

  5. Scraps: Botched Band Intro

    Conan fumbles Bad Religion's introduction, much to Andy's indignation.

  6. Dirk Nowitzki Gives Conan The Texas Citizenship Test

    Conan claims to be a Texas expert, but the Dallas Mavericks All-Star has a little quiz to make him prove it.

  7. Handy Andy's Ultimate Backyard BBQ Truck

    Andy Richter & Lowe's have teamed up to give the people some mobile backyard fun.

  8. Scraps: Conan's Audience Banter

    After the show, Conan gets up close and personal with the studio audience.

  9. Scraps: Yakety Sax

    The dulcet tones of Benny Hill's theme song mysteriously ring out from somewhere in the CONAN studio.

  10. Clueless Gamer: AT&T Stadium Edition

    CONAN Highlight: Conan takes over Dallas' AT&T Stadium's DiamondVision screen to play such classics as Madden NFL,...

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