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Please state your name for the record:
Jacquelyn Nasby (on left!)
What’s your hometown?
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Relationship Status?
Single & Mingling
URL (Website or Social)
What’s your favorite snack?
Crunchy Cheetos
What was the last good movie you saw?
The Great Gatsby
What’s your favorite album of all time?
Tough call - I would have to say my tops are Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (Here); Guster (Keep it Together); Jason Mraz (Waiting for my Rocket to Come)
How long have you been Team Coco? What’s your earliest Conan memory?
Unofficially since the late 90s. I've had Conan in my life for many years. My earliest memory of Conan was in the mid 90s, coming back from the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago, IL - I was real young, maybe 9 or so - and I couldn't sleep. I channel surfed and found Conan.
Do you have a favorite Conan moment?
Seeing Conan in Chicago last year was an absolute dream come true. I felt very lucky to be a part of the taping. It was truly a highlight of my 27 years. I also loved the Skeleton Sexual Harassment Network on one of the bits from the Late Nite show, as well as the Walker Texas Ranger Lever. Now I truly love Basic Cable Name that Tune and Bill Tull's money saving tips.
How do you spend a typical day?
I get up, shower, go to work as a secretary until 1pm. Go home, have lunch, pick up my sisters from school or work, get ready and head to my serving job for the evening, come home, grab dinner, and catch up on Conan from that evening. If it's a weekend, I'm in school.
What’s the one thing you would never ever do; not for a million dollars or all the chocolate in the world?
Hmmm, tough call. Anything involving rodents. Horrid horrid creatures.
What would you like to see more of from Team Coco?
I think the digital team does a great job with up to date posts, newsletters, and interacting with the fans. Keep up the great work!
Anything else important about you that the world should know?
The 1st Twitter post I made was @conan - letting him know that I'm a college graduate with a BA in Theatre, Arts Managment Minor - looking for for work, promising a resume' and cover letter to follow.

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