1. "The Walking Dead" Cast Reveal What They'd Do In A Zombie Apocalypse

"The Walking Dead" Cast Reveal What They'd Do In A Zombie Apocalypse

Danai Gurira would get ready to kick some ass, while Lauren Cohan would just chill out and wait for death.

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  • Transcript:

    CONAN: I want to open this up to everyone.
    I watch the show about and I think about what I would do in that situation because I watch your characters struggle with, you know, this plan, that plan, let's hang out in the prison.
    Let's go here.
    Let's go there.
    Let's put up these kind of sticks.
    Let's go here for food.
    I think what would I do.
    You must have your own thoughts of what you would do if there was a zombie apocalypse?
    MELISSA McBRIDE: I don't know that I would last that long.
    STEVEN YEUN: Where do we go on set?
    We're crafty.
    CONAN: You put no thought in this at all?
    LAUREN COHAN: It's unrealistic.
    Go to an island, we might be caught by a zombie there.
    My house and listen to music, I don't know.
    CONAN: Go inside your house and listen to music.
    LAUREN COHAN: The end is probably very, it's inevitable.
    Ask somebody else.
    DANAI GURIRA: I think it has to be a mental one.
    CONAN: What do you mean?
    DANAI GURIRA: You have to adjust how you think.
    If you think in the realm you are right now, you are gone quickly.
    You have to completely alter the world and how you see yourself surviving and you have to grab Akin Tanya.
    [Cheers and Applause]
    CONAN: That's very good, change your mental stance and get really good with a Samarai sword.
    DANAI GURIRA: Exactly.
    CONAN: I always thought and I said this before, and people said I'm on to something, make my way to Denver airport.
    It's a large space, lots of canned food there, OK.
    You can see for great distances and it has those walkways so the zombies would get walking the wrong way and I would just stand there eating canned peaches and hanging out near the sin would.
    Andy, right?
    ANDY: I said this before on the show, I would go somewhere cold because the zombies freeze.
    CONAN: What?
    ANDY: The zombies would freeze.
    CONAN: We don't know that zombies freeze.
    ANDY: Sure, they would.
    CONAN: Zombies freeze?
    ANDY: People freeze.
    Chasing you across the tundra.
    CONAN: You're doing a lot of arms.
    I want you to use your shoulder.
    ANDY: Arrr!
    CONAN: What is that?
    ANDY: Zombie Jackie Gleason.
    [Cheers and Applause]
    ANDY: Arr!
    And away we go!
    CONAN: That's a zombie nudging its buddy, look who just walked in the room.
    ANDY: Getting cold, let's get out of here before we freeze.
    CONAN: Is a happy ending possible on this show, anybody?
    CONAN: You say no?
    MELISSA McBride: No, I can't imagine.
    When it's all over and you just go like there is a cure and the world is fine now and we're all screwed up.
    CONAN: Oh, you would get over that.
    I'm so shallow, I would get over it very quickly.
    It would be a couple years of all of my best friends getting eaten and once the zombie apocalypse was over, well, that's over.
    Time to get back on television, you know.
    That's the real secret is you got to be incredibly shallow.
    Yeah, yeah.
    Let's find a television station and get back to work.