1. "60 Minutes'" Tesla Dubbing Was Just The Beginning

"60 Minutes'" Tesla Dubbing Was Just The Beginning

The CBS news magazine was caught sweetening the audio on an electric car story, which doesn't really come as a surprise to Conan.


CONAN: The "60 minutes" show, they had to apologize because they dubbed loud engine sounds over video in a recent report about the silent Tesla electric car. This is real, take a look.
Reporter: So, what is the future like?
Apparently it's fast and smoke-free.
The Tesla --
CONAN: They added that engine noise.
I don't know why.
But I have to say I'm not surprised.
"60 minutes" seems to have been playing with their audio for quite a while now.
Take a look.
Reporter: Conceived as an online book seller, Amazon has reinvented itself time and again.
[sounds of gun shots]
[ninja sounds]
Reporter: …based on the weight of amounts and items.
Your address is placed onto the box -- [screaming]
CONAN: That doesn't seem right to me.
ANDY: Does make it more exciting.
CONAN: Right?