1. Angie Harmon Does Tequila Shots With Jeff Goldblum & Conan

Angie Harmon Does Tequila Shots With Jeff Goldblum & Conan

CONAN Highlight: Conan is going to Dallas, so Angie preps him and Jeff with a few Texas delicacies.


CONAN: We're going to take the show to Dallas.
ANGIE: I heard.
CONAN: And I know that you -- you know.
ANGIE: Born and raised.
CONAN: Born and raised in Dallas.
So that got me thinking.
Angie Harmon coming on the show.
We're taking our show for a week in Dallas.
ANGIE: You're going to love it.
CONAN: What do we have to know?
>> Go to mi casina in highland park village.
Get off the plane. Go directly there.
CONAN: Should we leave now?
CONAN: The water is right there.
You can take the long way around.
And you have to have -- they have an amazing drink there called the Mambo Taxi.
CONAN: And this is like kind of special for Dallas?
CONAN: And what's in the mumbo taxi?
ANGIE: Frozen margarita and frozen tangria together but there's a catch.
You can only have three of them.
CONAN: What do you mean?
ANGIE: You can only have three of them.
CONAN: That sounds like a challenge.
ANGIE: Yeah, it is.
CONAN: You brought a mambo taxi?
ANGIE: Yes, I brought --
I brought three.
That's terrific.
ANDY: Oh, good.
ANGIE: And you should --
CONAN: Thank you very much.
So -- this is the mambo taxi.
ANGIE: This is the mambo taxi.
ANDY: All right.
Thank you.
ANGIE: This is yours --
CONAN: All right.
ANGIE: This is yours.
CONAN: And this is yours.
This is the mumbo taxi?
ANDY: Oh, they're busy.
That's all right.
JEFF: Wow. That's --
CONAN: That's fantastic.
That is really good.
ANGIE: Only three.
JEFF: And it packs a punch.
CONAN: That has -- yeah.
And what are the shots all about?
ANGIE: Well, those are just shots if you want --
I didn't know --
ANDY: Just about alcoholism.
CONAN: Yeah.
But are you supposed to do anything with the -- is the shot supposed to be or is it --
ANGIE: No, no.
JEFF: Or you squeeze the lime on somebody's body and then you lick --
ANGIE: That's a body shot.
JEFF: You squeeze the lime on somebody's body.
And then you lick it on and you put salt and --
[cheers and applause]
CONAN: And you put the lime in there.
And show me what to do.
ANGIE: OK, wait.
What, did you go to Harvard or something?
My gosh.
Lick your hand.
JEFF: Lick my hand.
ANDY: Not forever.
JEFF: I like it already.
CONAN: Why is it all about him?
ANGIE: Did you lick your hand?
CONAN: Keep the focus over here.
CONAN: The bow tie.
CONAN: And then what?
ANGIE: Now --
CONAN: I'm going to watch you.
ANGIE: First you lick the salt.
CONAN: Got it.
ANGIE: And take your shot and do the lime.
JEFF: Oh, please.
ANDY: Jeff just said to me, I wish I had my sketch pad.
ANDY: Hold that pose.
CONAN: Oh, man.
ANGIE: Thank you very much.
CONAN: Conan have good job.