1. Angie Harmon's Naked Throwback Thursday Pic

Angie Harmon's Naked Throwback Thursday Pic

Angie tweeted out an old Allure photo in which she'd somehow tripped and fell and lost her clothes.


CONAN: You look fantastic.
A beautiful outfit and I'll respect your zone.
Look at him, creep, looking over at you.
I'm sorry.
the guy in a bow tie on the subway leaning in.
ANGIE: The bow tie is lovely.
CONAN: Do you like the bow tie?
ANGIE: I love it.
CONAN: Is it sexy?
ANGIE: It's very sexy.
Very sexy.
And the fact that you know how to tie it on your own is incredibly accomplished.
JEFF: Really?
ANGIE: You look amazing.
You look amazing.
CONAN: I did this, too.
I had four people help me.
But got it on.
ANGIE: You always look fantastic.
CONAN: You -- everyone's into social media these days.
Celebrities getting involved.
And there's a thing called "throwback Thursdays."
ANGIE: I do forgetful Fridays."
CONAN: You did one where it exploded my iphone.
You posted this.
Were you aware -- this was taken in your backyard I'm guessing.
What's going on here?
ANDY: She fell down.
CONAN: She fell down.
JEFF: Bless your heart.
ANGIE: Bless my heart?
JEFF: Bless your heart.
ANGIE: Bless your heart.
CONAN: I was gardening nude, and I fell.
ANGIE: That was actually done for a -- for allure magazine.
They do a section called "the nudes."
CONAN: I know that section, yeah.
I go to the store and ask. It's not here yet, O'Brien.
Come back.
Come back in A week.
ANGIE: But you like that photo?
What do you mean, do you like that photo?
ANGIE: Well, it's -- thank you.
CONAN: Whenever I'm around you, I get all crazy.
I bumped into you in a bunch of situations where it was clear I was following you.
in your basement.
ANGIE: In my garden.
CONAN: Exactly.