1. Anna Gunn On What's In Bryan Cranston's Tighty-Whities

Anna Gunn On What's In Bryan Cranston's Tighty-Whities

Bryan liked to keep the mood light on set, which usually meant surprise nudity.


CONAN: Anna, you had such a powerful scene early in season five where you repeatedly yell shut up, shut up, shut up and in the society we are in now, it has turned into a ring tone.
Anna: Apparently so.
CONAN: It's quite popular.
We have it right now.
Can we play it?
Anna: Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
[Cheers and Applause]
Anna: Imagine being in the doctors office when they say please turn off your cell phones --
CONAN: At the opera.
CONAN: Anna, Bryan is well known for trying to lighten the mood, bring silliness to the set and he is not afraid to use any means necessary.
Is that true?
Anna: That is true.
That is true.
And it often involves either wearing underwear or not wearing any underwear at all.
CONAN: Really?
Anna: Yes.
So I think it started in the pilot, right?
Bryan: Oh, yeah.
Anna: And it was the, you were directing that episode and it was the scene where you get into bed next to me and say, and you cuddle up next to me and I say, Walt, is that you?
You put some interesting, some interesting something in your tidy whiteys to enhance the situation.
CONAN: Does anybody know what that is?
What is it that you put in there?
Bryan: Walter Jr. was the --
Bryan: It was no longer a junior.
I don't know, some sort of phallus of some sort.
Anna: It was a can of hair spray, I believe.
Bryan: I'll take anything, a microphone.
CONAN: No, no, no.
CONAN: This is mine.