1. Anna Kendrick Said The Douchiest Thing Ever

Anna Kendrick Said The Douchiest Thing Ever

It turns out there is one down side to having three movies premiere at Sundance at the same time.


CONAN: You have got three films at Sundance at the same time.
This year you had three films at Sundance.
That must be a record of some kind.
ANNA: Well, the craziest part was they all happened to premiere on the same day, which put me in the position of having to say the douchiest thing of all.
CONAN: I can't wait to hear what it is.
ANNA: Get ready.
Where somebody would be like, oh, you did such a great job in your film, congratulations, and I would have to say, which one?
Gross, super gross.
CONAN: There's no way around it.
You have to ask, but it's an awful thing to say.
You'll have to help me.
There's so many. Fantastic.
ANNA: Just making friends all over the country.
CONAN: You're very good friends With Aubrey Plaza. Very funny and talented Aubrey Plaza.
ANNA: She's on parks and rec.
CONAN: You guys take spur-of-the-moment vacations together I'm told.
ANNA: Yes, she called me one night and was like, do you want to go to Mexico tomorrow?
She's a weirdo, so I was like, this will be great.
And we went to Mexico together.
And I thought that a fun game to play in the airport, because we had this escort through the airport.
A fun game to play would be whenever anybody came up to one of us to say they were a fan of our work, that I would tell the escort she should say something nice to Aubrey, because she gets Jealous of how famous I am.
CONAN: How did that go?
ANNA: Not well.
She did not appreciate it.
She was cool about it, but any time somebody else would come up and say they love her on the show and they love me and the other person would act really, really hurt and petulant.
CONAN: In front of the fan.
ANNA: Yeah.
She's a weirdo, it was great.
CONAN: You were doing it, too.
So it's on you as well.
ANNA: But I can blame her because she's more publicly weird.
CONAN: Now that the Katy Perry thing is out you've got your own problems.