1. New "Star Wars" Characters Revealed

New "Star Wars" Characters Revealed

CONAN Highlight: The stars of Episode VII just HAPPEN to be sitting in Conan's audience, in character and full costume.


CONAN: J.J. Abrams unveiled the cast for the new "Star Wars" movie.
A lot of familiar names from the first trilogy will be back.
Of course, the "Star Wars" universe is so huge, a lot of other actors have been cast for all the new characters they've come up with.
In fact, some of these actors are in our audience tonight dressed in their "Star Wars" costumes.
I'd like to introduce them to you.
Here are the new Star Wars movie characters that happen to be in the all of a sudden tonight, yeah,!
Very exciting news.
We arranged to have them all here.
If you believe that that was real Jesus footage, you'll believe this. First there's jar-jar bang is here.
There he is, yeah.
There's queen Coachella.
There's Darth get off my lawn.
There's jobless the hut.
There's the protocol guy that specializes in immature humor I.C.A.P.P.
There's Admiral Snackbar.
Watch out for him.
And finally, R2-Tattoo is here.