1. Bitcoin's COO Explains What Bitcoin Is

Bitcoin's COO Explains What Bitcoin Is

Bitcoin may be too much for our puny minds to comprehend; luckily the training video explains all.


CONAN: We're welcoming the Chief Operating Officer of Bitcoin to help explain just what Bitcoin is, and how it works.
So please welcome Marcus ortman.
Let's get him in here.
>> Thank you, Conan.
CONAN: Marcus, I'm glad you're here.
Because I've asked a lot of people and no one has been able to explain what Bitcoin is all about.
>> Conan, it's a decent tralized digital currency exchanged in the interactive metaverse.
CONAN: Yeah, that didn't help me at all.
Is it like paypal?
>> No, let me put it in layman's terms.
It's an open source synergistic flow matrix with e-transference of digital assets.
>> No, those are not layman's terms.
Can you just explain how I might use Bitcoin?
>> Conan, imagine that you are in a snow globe, where every snowflake is a unique and beautiful coin portunity.
CONAN: No, no.
That didn't help me at all.
Can you tell me what Bitcoin is or not?
>> It's a flat circle and everything we have ever done or will do, we will do again.
CONAN: That's a line from "true detectives."
>> Fine, fine.
Conan, I think all of your questions about Bitcoin can be answered with this brief informational video.
CONAN: Right, thank you.
CONAN: OK, that was bull shit.
I want to ask you one last name, do you know what Bitcoin is?
>> Yes, I do.
It is this --
CONAN: Good trick, though.
The smoke really did nothing to hide his escape.
ANDY: No, he needs more smoke.
CONAN: He needs a lot more smoke.