1. Blake Anderson Has A Wizard-Themed Rap Album

Blake Anderson Has A Wizard-Themed Rap Album

"Straight outta Mordor / 4 more Wizards come to your door / don't mess with us cuz we're the number one sorcerers."


CONAN: You also have a CD, "purple magic --" what is this, "purple magic CD the wizards.”
what is that all about?
BLAKE:  Before we got the show, we all kind of lived in the same house and we were bored w our time, we put out a rap album.
CONAN: A rap album that centered around wizard themes?
We are the wizards and the album is kind of, you know, it's a story about us growing up in the realm and it's not a joke.
It's very real.
CONAN: There's a song on the back, straight out of more Dore.
-- more dove.
BLAKE: Oh, yeah like --
don't mess with us because we're the number one sorcerers 
CONAN: You brought something.
It's sitting next to me and I want to ask you about it.
Something that you -- fans love this.
And you wore this on the show.
What is this?
BLAKE: I did.
This is the infamous bear coat.
Basically --
CONAN: From the show?
BLAKE: Oh, you're putting it on?
I would love that!
Can I get a picture of you.
CONAN: Yeah, sure, no problem.
BLAKE: I would love that.
CONAN: Get a shot of love that.
BLAKE: This is like father, like son.
Delimes for me -- this is a dream for me.
KATHY: One, two, three!
[Cheers and Applause]
CONAN: Very nice.
BLAKE: Love it.
Love it.