1. Breckin Meyer's Perfect Matthew McConaughey Impression

Breckin Meyer's Perfect Matthew McConaughey Impression

Breckin's key to a great McConaughey impression: start with an "alright-alright" and then get weird.


CONAN: We were just with bill Hader and he was doing impressions.
I know that you do a lot of voices on "robot chicken."
It's a very funny show, "robot chicken."
"Robot chicken" is a great show, an animated show with a lot of little action figure characters.
Mr. Seth green created that show.
And you've been doing voices for it a long time.
BRECKIN: I write on it and we've been doing it for eight years now.
CONAN: You've been doing "Star Wars" --
BRECKIN: We do the "Star Wars"
specials and stuff.
CONAN: This is a show where we're auditioning people.
BRECKIN: I assume I'm not doing that character, but this might be the only platform on which I got to do it, but it was "robot chicken."
I made him sound like I always thought he would, which is, I'm really cool and I got no problems at all.
You know, what's going on?
I'm just going into my slave one ship and me and the frozen Hans solo are going to take a trip down to happyland.
CONAN: So you're a guy who's really laid back.
BRECKIN: He's really sexy.
In case you guys didn't know, that was my sexy voice.
When he gets into it, he's like are we going to do this?
CONAN: That's a terrible sexy voice.
BRECKIN: It's a super sexy voice.
I beg to differ.
CONAN: I thought you and I were going to get it on, and I do mean --
BRECKIN: Get it on.
I got another chick in the tub if you're down.
Don't you think that sounds sexy?
CONAN: No, it sounds awful.
BRECKIN: Really?
Sounds just like my dad.
CONAN: That's how we all define sexy.
BRECKIN: Yeah, that's my dad.
CONAN: You've always been fascinated with Matthew McConaughey.
You love Matthew McConaughey, and he won a golden globe about a week ago.
He gave his speech.
I bet you were loving that speech.
BRECKIN: I did a movie with McConaughey and I played his brother.
When I was auditioning, if you hear his accent, you can't help but do it.
He was doing this thing, Pauley, we are going to do this.
And I'm like, you bet we are, and it sounded like I was mocking him.
We cut the scene and he's like, where are you from?
And I thought it's going to be weird if I said L.A.
When I saw the golden globes, he did the perfect storm of McConaughey, he did all right, all right.
CONAN: That's the first thing he did.
BRECKIN: All right, all right.
And then he did J.K. living, just keep living, his company and all.
And then he always does some backwards amazing, I got a dog in the fight, but this dog won't bite.
I don't know what you said, but I get it.
CONAN: He said something and you're like, yes, you are the wise one.
You understand.
BRECKIN: You're like a really cool Obiwan.
Look within yourself and we'll bongo.