1. New "Captain America" Trailer Is Less Than Thrilling

New "Captain America" Trailer Is Less Than Thrilling

By the time Cap is ready to fight the bad guys, they've all died of old age.


CONAN: You like these superhero movies, who doesn't?
The big "Captain America" sequel won't be out until later this year.
But "Entertainment Tonight" had an exclusive preview, and this thing looks fantastic.
Check it out.
CLIP: From Hollywood, a hero returns in an "E.T." first.
>> How did you get a hold of that?
>> We borrowed it and added a few touches of our own.
>> Are those the touches you wanted me to see?
>> Uh-huh.
>> Doesn't look that much different.
>> The difference wasn't designed to be noticeable.
>> Hey, this thing scramble eggs on Sunday, too?
>> And it whistles Dixie.
CONAN: I hear someone booing.
You're right.
Too fast-paced for you?
ANDY: Yeah.
CONAN: Couldn't handle the special effects?