1. Conan Catapult: Redskins Fan Edition

Conan Catapult: Redskins Fan Edition

Conan uses his ginormous catapult to give Texas' most hated football foe the treatment it deserves. #ConanDallas [This Content Also Available In CONAN360°]

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CONAN: One of the most recognizable landmarks near Dallas is AT&T stadium, home of the Dallas cowboys. And this weekend will be hosting the NCAA final four.
So all this week to honor the final four taking place here in Texas, we're doing what anyone would do, we're shooting full court baskets outside AT&T stadium with a catapult we stole from Mark Cuban's bedroom.
Instead of shooting a basketball, anyone can do that.
Each night we're launching something uniquely Texan.
So far we've launched a 72-ounce stake, a baby born at Baylor medical center, Willie Nelson's back taxes, a pinata filled with beef brisket and armadillo road kill.
Well, tonight we'll be shooting the very first Texas instruments hand held calculator.
The calculator was made in 1972.
It weighs over 48 pounds.
There it is.
Ladies and gentlemen, four, three, two, one!
That wasn't close.
That just wasn't even close.
But this is Texas.
We don't give up -- reload the calculator.
[Cheers and applause]
For our final object of the week, we're launching a Washington Redskins fan!
But you know, something.
We're in Dallas.
A basketball net is too good for a Redskins fan.
So we're going to bring out dumpster.
Ladies and gentlemen, four, three, two, one!
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There's a guy just chilling in the corner.