1. Channing Tatum's X-Rated Bet With Jonah Hill

Channing Tatum's X-Rated Bet With Jonah Hill

CONAN Highlight: If "21 Jump Street" had a big opening weekend, Jonah promised to smooch Channing's junk. He's still waiting, Jonah...


CONAN: Now you had a bet about the box office on "21 Jump Street."
Care to discuss that bet?
JONAH HILL: I'm going to let him take this one.
CONAN: All right.
CHANNING TATUM: All right, in a movie opening weekend, if your movie breaks $30 million, you had a very, very good weekend.
Jonah thought that it would just break 30.
I thought it was going to break 35.
He said if it breaks 35, I will kiss the tip of your [beep].
JONAH HILL: Over the boxers, I said, over the boxers.
CONAN: The boxers would remain.
You have to be clear, the boxers would remain on.
JONAH HILL: A key piece of fabric for the story.
CHANNING TATUM: Actually the real key is that I won that bet.
I have given the opportunity to double down on it, but he just --
JONAH HILL: My gambling career has come to an abrupt end.
CONAN: Very weird stakes.
And if you lost, you just wouldn't get your penis kissed?
Makes sense.