1. Charles Barkley Is Tired Of Shaq Picking On Him

Charles Barkley Is Tired Of Shaq Picking On Him

CONAN Highlight: Charles isn't on Twitter, so he lets Conan take Photoshop revenge on Shaq for him. #Conan360


Conan: You and Shaq have kind of a fun rivalry back and forth?
Charles: He's always picking on me.
I'm a pretty easy going guy.
I'm not bothering anybody.
But he's always picking on me.
CONAN: I don't know if you notice because you don't follow social media.
Charles:  I do not.
CONAN: He instagrammed this picture of you and sent it out.
Charles: Wow.
CONAN: Why is he doing this to you?
Charles: Provocative. Seems like he wants to see me naked.
Literally he wants to see me naked.
Charles: You know, I choose not to do any social media, so I'm not going to take any shots back at him.
CONAN: If you don't mind, we'll get him for you.
We actually had this picture made and we're going to blast this out.
[Cheers and applause]
You don't even have to get involved.
Charles: I don't think anybody could screw up a Dallas cowboy cheerleader.
CONAN: It's a terrible thing to think about.
You do capital one ads, OK?
But you give Shaq a hard time for all the endorsements he has.
Charles: Because he's got 100 of them.
CONAN: You think Shaq is doing too many endorsements, too many commercials?
Charles: Do I think -- yeah, I think he's got too many endorsements.
And they show a commercial during television.
We sit in the green room and he's on every five seconds rubbing lotion on his fake body.
Because it's not his body.
CONAN: That's not his body.
Charles: Trust me.
That's not his body.
[Cheers and applause]
You know, I think I figured out why he rubs lotion on his body all the time, that's the only thing that can get his fat-ass in a Buick.
[Cheers and applause]
Every commercial.
Man-up, man-up.
And then the Buick commercial comes up.
You know his fat-ass couldn't get in a Buick.
You know he spent days with the lotion and then pushing his ass.
[Cheers and applause]