1. Chelsea Handler On Her Retirement

Chelsea Handler On Her Retirement

CONAN Highlight: Chelsea is leaving "Chelsea Lately," but hasn't decided what her next move is -- so just calm down everyone.


CONAN: You're leaving E!.
CHELSEA: Yeah, I'm retiring.
CONAN: You're not going to retire.
Good I don't know.
I'm done with that show.
No, I'm just -- you know, I have to move on.
I get very bored.
I've been there a long time.
Seven great years.
I had a great time.
But I'm ready to take a little bit of a break.
CONAN: There's this rumor that you're going to do a Netflix series.
CHELSEA: Everything that's been printed about me is a lie.
CONAN: Really?
I don't do any career decisions without confronting or consulting -- this is going to pop open.
ANDY: I know, I know.
CHELSEA: Should I just open it?
ANDY: No, no.
CHELSEA: It's looking at me in the eye.
His belly button is staring me in the eye.
ANDY: In case the interview lags.
That will be the excitement.
CONAN: In many interviews when it starts to sag, he fires a button, and that's when I know to pick things up.
Is it true that you're also considering -- you're considering radio, or is everything --
ANDY: Everything is an option.
You know what it's like.
You leave a job and people say, do you want to come see this and this?
I'm like, I don't know, I want to go to Spain.
CONAN: You want to go to Spain?
CHELSEA: I want to go and like live --
I want to go to a land where people don't --
CONAN: Sounds like game of thrones.
CHELSEA: I want to go to a place where people don't -- men don't understand what I'm saying.
CONAN: A land where men don't understand what you're saying.
CHELSEA: Like I want --
CONAN: Sounds like you're there right now.