1. Chris Hardwick's Team Nerdist Bowled Against Team Coco

Chris Hardwick's Team Nerdist Bowled Against Team Coco

Team Coco won the match, even though Conan kept punching Aaron Bleyaert every chance he could.

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  • Transcript:

    CONAN: last time I spent any time with you, Andy was there as well and you took us bowling.
    CHRIS HARDWICK: I did, I did take you bowling.
    CONAN: I don't bowl a lot.
    CONAN: Yeah, thanks.
    You took us bowling and it was actually -- it was for a good cause.
    We have this youtube channel, youtube.com/nerdist.
    We do a celebrity bowling show.
    We bowled against the cast of "mad Men," "mythbusters,"
    "breaking bad" and "Dr. Who" and you guys, and you beat us by one pin!
    CONAN: Yes, we won.
    CHRIS HARDWICK: Wait a minute, shut up.
    [Cheers and applause]
    CONAN: No, no, you know who's a great bowler, Mr. Andy Richter.
    I was just OK.
    CHRIS HARDWICK: No, no, it's true, he was just OK.
    But that's not the point.
    The point is we lost because we took on our team, Jimmy pardo, who does warm-up for you.
    Jimmy also does a show on our channel so we claimed him on our team and he intentionally the gutters the ball in the first frame because he was afraid of you.
    CONAN: You know what was unfair?
    It was unfair because you have started a celebrity -- you know, the celebrity bowling some stick.
    Your father is a professional bowler, correct?
    CHRIS HARDWICK: Yes, ladies.
    CONAN: You grew up in a bowling alley.
    CHRIS HARDWICK: Yeah, I did.
    CONAN: That's ridiculous.
    Mad bowling tales.
    CONAN: So you're really good at this and you make everyone else do it.
    ANDY: He's got lane oil in his veins.
    CONAN: That's like me saying come to my Lincoln trivia championships.
    CHRIS HARDWICK: That's exactly the same thing.
    CONAN: It's been long enough, people.
    CHRIS HARDWICK: By the way, I do want to say that Conan is brutal to the people that work for him, brutal.
    Aaron, who runs your web stuff, can we just show --
    CONAN: Let me explain something first.
    Aaron does a great job and he's one of our web gurus.
    And, yes, I'm tough on him because I learned -- and I Learned this from Stalin, Actually, that your people need to fear you.
    Let's look at this clip.
    CHRIS HARDWICK: I wasn't paying attention to the score.
    I was more worried about trying to avoid physical conflict with my boss, Conan O'Brien.
    The happier he gets, he beats me, he beats me, then he's upset.
    Then he's happy, then he beats me harder, then he beads me harder, then death.
    Someone help him up.
    CHRIS HARDWICK: Best part about your Stalinesque bowling team is that when you're hitting him, it's like these are not comedy punches.
    I'm hitting him with everything I've got.
    CONAN: Aaron is a big boy.
    He can take it.
    He's willing to leave at any time.
    CHRIS HARDWICK: Boo-hoo, it hurts.
    CONAN: But the craziest thing Is that the happier I am, the more I hit him.
    CHRIS HARDWICK: You hit him at first because he didn't make a spare.
    CONAN: Then he did really well and I hit him even more.
    CHRIS HARDWICK: Yeah, he went in for a hug and you're like not today, bitch.
    CONAN: That's how we do it.
    Actually, like the one guy I don't hit around here is Andy Richter, because he is 10 times stronger than me and he would Rip my face off.
    He would.