1. Coffee Table Books That Didn't Sell 06/13/13

Coffee Table Books That Didn't Sell 06/13/13

Be sure to pick up a copy of Stormtroopers of Napa Valley for your dad today!

Check out this Web Exclusive slideshow:


ANDY: It's books.
CONAN: This seems kind of fun to me.
It's called "U.S. president as NHL player."
I just think that's fantastic.
You've got classic presidents.
You've got Lincoln.
Lincoln fighting it out.
He looks particularly horrifying in a hockey hat.
I like this one a lot.
It's called "storm trooper of Napa valley," chilling out.
They're really having a good time.
They're taking a nice walk.
ANDY: One's a lady.
CONAN: And look at that.
Why shouldn't they have fun in Napa?
ANDY: That's what I think.
I wonder if they pour the wine in the vent and it just trickles down.
CONAN: I'll work on it after the show.
Here's one that looks like a lot of fun.
Lions attacking douche bags.
Look at that guy.
These lions go after everybody.
ANDY: Oh, no.
CONAN: And then of course --
[Cheers and applause]
I don't approve of that.
CONAN: He's just a young Canadian kid making his way.
ANDY: He sure is.
CONAN: This one's called "muppets I do".
These are all -- and I tell you what, you think it's not an authentic book.
I would do every one of these muppets, nick Nolte.
You have to really be a fan of magic to like this next book.
It's called "is this your card"?
ANDY: Oh, wow.
CONAN: That's it.
It's "is this your card."
And on the back, is this your card and is this your card?
A whole book of those.
And look there's even a follow-up to that one called "how about this one?"
Look at that.
They can't even make up a good fake name.
ANDY: That's jergen murgen.
CONAN: We need a name for that, jergen murgen.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're going to like this one.
Michael Douglas munching on actual boxes.
That's a pizza box.
Yes, it's all -- there he goes.
He's really going to town.
And there he is.
He's got the cold dead eyes of a shark.
He's at work.
There's part of a series.
Here's Michael Douglas eating out down south.
CONAN: And finally, Michael Douglas presents my favorite Georgia O'Keefe painting.
Everyone can have their money back if they want.