1. Bill Hader's Awkwardly Profane NYC Cabbie Encounter

Bill Hader's Awkwardly Profane NYC Cabbie Encounter

CONAN Highlight: New Yorkers never hold back how they feel, but one cabbie certainly didn't skimp on the F-bombs.


CONAN: I have to say over the years -- I used to work at "Saturday Night Live" years and years and years ago.
Over the years I've seen people who started out on "Saturday Night Live" make it great, and they depart and it's very emotional.
BILL HADER:  It's also very weird to leave the city, too, because New York -- you're on the hometown team kind of.
And they have no problem with telling you what they thought of the show on the streets or anything like that.
I was walking with my inn laws once and -- my in-laws and a cab pulled up and this guy pulled the window down and he goes, hey, "SNL," you and your show suck.
I was with my in-laws and I said it was a guy who worked at the show.
And I was like, hey, that's Robby.
He was playing a little joke.
He had the biggest insult there.
Hey, "SNL," that was great last night.
They never open their eyes.
CONAN: Love that guy.
He's going to haunt you your whole life.
BILL HADER: I just moved to Los Angeles.
CONAN: You still suck.