1. Harrison Ford Spills "Star Wars" Spoilers For $1,000

Harrison Ford Spills "Star Wars" Spoilers For $1,000

CONAN Highlight: Conan offers Harrison a cool grand to spill the beans about Episode VII, and Harrison takes the bait.


CONAN: We also have to know, I have to ask you about "Star Wars.”
They're making the new "Star Wars" films.
You're going to be involved.
Life we must know something!
[Cheers and Applause]
I was prepared.
This isn't fake money.
This is a real thousand dollars right here.
This is a thousand dollars.
A thousand dollars.
Not my money.
I took it from Andy's dressing room.
This is a real thousand dollars.
I will give you this money if you tell us something about the new "Star Wars" films.
[Cheers and Applause]
>> Do it!
Do it!
[Cheers and Applause]
HARRISON FORD: A long time ago --
CONAN: What?
A long time ago!
HARRISON FORD: In a place far, far away.
I forget the rest.
ANDY: It's a galaxy far, far away.
It's a galaxy far, far away.
HARRSON FORD: But it was a long time ago.
ANDY: It was a long time ago.
In many ways.
CONAN: Any detail at all?
HARRISON FORD: You have no idea how long ago.
It was really a long time ago and it feels like it was far, far away.
But I hear -- I hear they're thinking of doing another one.
CONAN: It's a thousand dollars is!
[Applause] All right, we are taking a break.
I'm getting that money back somehow.
Ladies and gentlemen, much more --
ANDY: Start at a 100 and build up!
HARRISON FORD: Do you have any idea what they normally pay you to come here and do this?
CONAN: I thought you came here out of the love, Harrison.
Just the love for me!
HARRISON FORD: No, I don't go anywhere for love.
I stay home for love.
[Cheers and Applause]